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Submissions are now being accepted for the MBAA's Board for two positions, one Officer and one BOD role.

Please check your member emails for more information and send in your info by October 24th. 

Thank you for joining us for the 51st Annual Golf Classic! Check out the slideshow below.

MBAA Golf 2022 by Jessica Belcher

Proposed Schedule of Events for 2022

MBAA events, including monthly membership meetings, are normally scheduled on the second Wednesday of the Month.  Unless confirmed, events scheduled are based on experience and preliminary discussions with sponsors.  Once confirmed, event details are posted in the EVENTS tab.

October 18 - 20 - NBAA's BACE, Orlando, FL

* Send your suggestion for a program, speaker, vendor, or topic to ADMIN@mbaa-mn.org


In the latest "Business Aviation Insider" - Sept/Oct 2022 Issue:

"Regional Groups Step Up Student Recruiting"

This article connects with the MBAA, CFBAA, GWAA, and NeBAA for insight into their latest efforts

in recruiting students and introducing them to the business aviation industry. 

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NBAA - from the Insider Daily

"NBAA’s Congressional Testimony Highlights Business Aviation’s Focus on Sustainability, Safety and Innovation"

The NBAA today detailed for Congress a policy roadmap for strengthening the general aviation sector in the U.S. and around the world, today and in the years to come. 

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"Long COVID" May Affect Pilot Health

Doctors have found that some COVID-19 patients may continue to experience symptoms long after resolution of their initial infection. These “Long COVID” symptoms can be particularly troubling for pilots.

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